The main objective of SCADA for C # is to develop an environment for the creation of SCADA/HMI systems such that the drawing up of graphic interfaces is as simple as it is simple with traditional commercial systems like WinCC Flexible and others where it is not necessary to program any animation for graphic objects on the pages. In practice, from the graphic editor, a synoptic page is composed by selecting a control from a toolbox, then a property field will be defined in which the associated process variable will be specified and therefore no code will be written for the animation. The infrastructure implements all the dynamization mechanisms in a completely transparent way.

Demo Video (2 min. video)

We have activated a short web video that shows a simple scada that displays simulated data at firts time. After we shows how to modify the application in order to add a codeless control, assigning it just a tag name to bind to.
PS: the linked variable is already present in simulation class inside the project.

codice programma

open source

Source codes are available with MIT licence. We are available to answer for any software modification and further improvements to meet customer needs. The code can be found on github.


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