EGE2D is a cross platform graphic library based on OpenGL-ES and can run under Windows, Linux, Machintosh, IOS, Android and is also compiled with Emscripten producing fast javascript code that can be run into HTML5 browsers. As future feature we think will be compiled also with Metal and DirectX if needed.

EGE2D implements sockets communication capable to connect to a server station in order to realize an MVC architecture that can be run on a local system or distributed once.
EGE2D is mainly designed to supply a 2D C++ GUI for SCADA and HMI systems used in industrial automation, but also for SMART HOME , PLC and embedded system monitoring an also CN control systems. Beeing cross platform means the same application can be switched to one device to another with no impact concerning page design. An open source solution can also provide a smart way to reduce commercial licencing costs specially for repetitive deployments like on embedded systems or machine manufacturers.

applicazione web demo

Web application

We have activated a small web application for a tank control for demo pourposes with EGE2D gui. Graphic is a bit cool to show potentials.

codice programma

open source

Source codes are available with AGPL3 licence. We are available to answer for any software modification and further improvements to meet customer needs. Also licencing can be accomodated to give suitable solutions. The code can be found on github.

youtube tutorial

2D GUI Tutorials

We are pushing tutorials to show step by step functionallity of the graphical interface .

    Tutorial 01 : Shows how to download and decompress the project.

  • goto Tutorial 01


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